We at TenseiTech Electronics offer a wide range of services for the customer ranging from the simplest upgrade to a full completely new system.
Upgrades! Feel like your computer needs something different? More power? A different look? This is the option for you, we can upgrade everything from the components of the computer to the case its built into.
Keeping your computer safe is just as important as making sure its fast.  Got too much spyware clogging up your machine or running out of room on your hard drive? We can make your computer like new again!
  1. Case Upgrade
    Have a computer you love using but hate the case its in? Let us help you pick out a brand new case guaranteed to be compatible with your hardware and install it for you, cost dependent on case.
  2. Memory (Ram) Upgrade
    Your computer seems to be running slower than you'd like? A memory upgrade could be just the thing it needs to speed back up, let us find the right ram that's compatible with your motherboard and install it for you, cost dependent on type of memory.
  3. HDD Upgrade
    Need more space to store your photos or videos? Or simply want more than storage source to store your files? Unlike other services we offer a HDD is much easier to upgrade or add into a system as the only requirement to use them is power source. Let us find the right HDD or SSD for you and install it for you, cost dependent on size of HDD/SSD.
  4. Motherboard Upgrade
    The motherboard is the heart and soul of the computer, with the CPU being the brains. The motherboard you use can throttle the performance of your PC and so it is important to keep the right components and upgrade when you can. Let us help you find a compatible board and install it for you, cost dependent on motherboard.
  5. CPU Upgrade
    The CPU is the brain of the computer, but motherboards only support certain CPUs so it is important to choose the right components. Let us find a compatible upgrade for you and install it, cost dependent on the CPU.
  6. Graphics Upgrade
    Most common household computers will have on board graphics and thus are limited in what they can handle, there are plenty of powerful yet cheap graphics cards out there, let us find a compatible card for your machine and install it for you, price dependent on card.
  7. ROM Drive Upgrade
    There are many types of ROM drives out there with different uses starting from CDR (Read CDs only) BDDVDRW (Read and burn Blu-rays/DVDs and CDS), let us find a compatible drive with the abilities you want and install it for you, cost dependent on ROM Drive.
  8. Fan Upgrade
    Depending on your use, a computer can run very hot if there isn't sufficient airflow within the case, most cases only have one or two fans with room for several more, let us find the right fans for your case to improve your cooling and performance of your PC and install them for you, cost dependent on fans.
  9. Brand New Custom Built PC
    This is the best option if you are wanting a new PC without lightening your wallet too much, we can compile a list of all the components needed and any extra you wish guaranteed compatible with each other and build the PC for you, cost dependent on parts.
  1. Computer Cleaning
    Computers and laptops can get very dirty from continued use, building up dust and debris inside the case and fans that can really hamper performance. We can completely clean out the dust and clean the fans. PC Cleanup: $20 Laptop Cleanup: $30
  2. Computer Dejunking
    Continued use of the internet can lead to a buildup of adware/spyware on your machine, sometimes this can be harmless but it can also render your machine unusable. NEVER fall prey to ransomware, popups that say you can't use your computer until you pay some unknown entity money. We can go through and remove these programs for only $30.
  3. System Restore
    The next lever up from Computer Dejunking, sometimes spyware/adware are so ingrained in your machine they are almost impossible to remove by hand. In those cases we can do a system restore that returns your computer to the state it was at a previous time, maintaining your files. This will run you $45
  4. Complete Re-install
    If you want a complete blank slate we can reinstall your OS. We can reinstall any windows OS version from XP to 10 and you'll be left with a bare bones out of the box windows experience and we will maintain your files. This will run you about $60
  5. Windows OS Upgrade
    A bogged down computer is the perfect excuse to upgrade your OS, giving you the clean slate and a new, faster, better OS to use, and all your files will be saved. We can install up to Windows 7 Professional. This will run you about $65
  6. Data Backup
    Running out of room on your HDD or simply have important files you want saved? We can do that! We have several options to suit your needs. Stored onto your external HDD: $20 Stored onto a new external HDD we provide: $80+ Burned onto CDS: $20 Burned onto DVDS: $30 Burned onto Blu-rays: $60
  7. Scheduled Checkups
    Just like your car your computer will need to be checked out here and there to make sure you aren't going to be surprised by anything. We offer monthly, quarterly, or yearly pricing. Monthly, 1 checkup: $30 Quarterly, 4 checkups: $100 Yearly, 13 checkups: $300
  8. Scheduled Cleaning
    Just like scheduled checkups, you want to keep your computer clean to keep it from overheating and running safely, we offer the same monthly, quarterly and yearly pricing. Monthly, 1 cleaning: $30 Quarterly, 4 cleanings: $100 Yearly, 13 cleanings: $300
  9. Scheduled Data Backup
    Ever hear of the rule of save often? Those of us who have dealt with power failures or system crashes while working on a project sure have! Once again, we offer the same pricing: Monthly, 1 backup: $30 Quarterly, 4 backups: $100 Yearly, 13 backups: 300